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About us

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Sun Shine Marine International is established in 2015. It is a Government enlisted Ship Chandler/Marine Suppliers in Bangladesh. We Operate In Chittagong & Mongla Ports. We are Committed to serve with expertise beside this we ensure quality in every supply. We also export recondition/Spare Marine equipments including Generators, Liners, Gate vales, hydraulic pump etc. Our whole is ready to solve any types of ship related problems.

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • Stuff always protected
  • Low prices
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Why Sunshine Marine International is the best?

Delivery your stuff quickly for minimum price. Shipping are always fully secured.

1. Accountability: every supplier must have this quality. we are responsible for quality in our every consignment.
2. Communication: We communicate in every possible way with our clients to know their requirement perfectly to serve perfectly.
3. Commitment: we are committed to quality and time of delivery.
4. Ethics: We execute our work with ethics. We never charge higher nor we serve defected products.

About us

Weights and prices

1. Provision supply(fresh & dry)
2. Chipping & Painting.
3. Tank, Engine room cleaning.
4. Bunker.
5. Paint Supply.
6. Deck & Engine Store.
7. Marine Carpentry Work.
8. Interior Modification and Conversation.
9. Floor & Wooden Deck Repair.
10. All types of motor rewinding.
11. Steel Fabrication.
12. Crane Repairs.
13. Marine engine and auxiliary overhauling.
14. Pipe work fabrication.
15. Marine equipments procurement.
16. Electrical and Electronics repair and installations
17. Refilling of 0xygon, Acetylene, CYL, Freon R22.
18. Navigation and communication Equipments and spare.
19. Servicing of all ship equipments.
1. Diesel Engine & Spares ( Main & Auxiliary).
2. Compressor & Spares.
3. Turbo Charges & Spares.
4. Life Boat.
5. Hydraulics pump.
6. Purifiers/Separators spare.
7. Heat Exchangers/ coolers
8. Stern tube Seals.
9. Deck cranes & machineries.
10. Anchor & Chains.
11. Cathodic protections.
12. Anti-Fouling System.
13. Poly-propylene, Nylon ropes and Wire ropes.
14. Navigation and communication Equipments and spare.
15. Safety Equipments.
16. Gyro Compass.

Ensuring premium service at premium price

To become an International trustworthy Suppliers